Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Plush javelins; Russia has deployed its war dolphins; That group genuinely uses "signature unclear"

Russia has deployed trained military dolphins at its naval base in the Black Sea – possibly to protect its fleet from an underwater attack – according to new analysis of satellite images:
Ukraine had also trained dolphins at an aquarium near Sevastopol, in a program born out of a Soviet-era scheme that fell into neglect in the 1990s.


The Sevastopol program was resurrected in 2012 by the Ukrainian navy, but the mammals fell into Russian hands after the 2014 invasion of Crimea. Ukraine unsuccessfully demanded the return of the animals, and RIA Novosti reported that Moscow planned to expand the scheme.     

"To avoid capture, this $325 million superyacht of one of Russia’s wealthiest oligarchs sailed at full speed for 18 days to cross the Pacific ocean. Now the 347 feet vessel is held in Fiji for docking without customs clearance and the US government is planning to seize it."

"They Flooded Their Own Village, and Kept the Russians at Bay:
Demydiv was flooded when troops opened a nearby dam and sent water surging into the countryside. Elsewhere in Ukraine, the military has, without hesitation, blown up bridges, bombed roads and disabled rail lines and airports. 


So far, more than 300 bridges have been destroyed across Ukraine

Gerhard Schröder is facing growing criticism in Germany for his ongoing support of Russia, as some politicians call for sanctions against him:
Schröder questioned the Russian president's potential involvement in or prior knowledge of the massacre in Ukraine's Bucha, refused to resign from the energy firms unless Russia fully stopped gas exports, and spoke fondly of Putin.

"I don't do mea culpa," Schröder told the outlet. "It's not my thing."