Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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CNN's summary.

New from AP: "A U.S.-based intelligence company says it uncovered a network of more than 600 inauthentic Twitter accounts that spread a positive narrative of China’s far-western Xinjiang region." And earlier this month: "Anonymous Twitter users are exposing the extreme nationalism and pro-Russian sentiment circulating online in China -- and Beijing is not happy about it."

Related, this is beautiful phrasing.

@allieweeksmurray My husband is always the one who stops me hahaha #ScreamItOut #TurboTaxAndRelax #ByeByeSundayBlues ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles


♬ Loki Green Theme - Natalie Holt


The lady was trying to say hi to my boy. But he was hide from her πŸ˜‚

♬ original sound - KthSmith Alex

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