Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Amtrak streamed on Twitch a stretch of seemingly unused train tracks as a step in its battle with freight rail companies


Amtrak wants to run two round-trip trains a day between those cities, which stopped service after Hurricane Katrina. CSX and NS are trying to block this, claiming it would “impair unreasonably” freight operations and without infrastructure improvements there would be “a near catastrophic meltdown of freight operations.”


As part of the ongoing beef, CSX has said Amtrak running two trains a day on this “very busy corridor” would be problematic for its own freight service. Which is why Amtrak decided to start the Twitch stream, to find out how busy the corridor really is.


After publication, in response to a Motherboard request for comment, CSX dismissed the Amtrak stunt. 


“Focusing on one point of a line that traverses approximately 138 single track miles, major ports and Interchange points and then purporting that it is indicative of the operational realities of the entire line is grossly misleading.