Saturday, April 9, 2022

"Wayne Knight Answers Every Question We Have About Basic Instinct"

There's actually quite a lot of interesting information about his career and movie making:

I go to meet Verhoeven, and it’s one of those hotel-suite castings. I get to the hotel suite, and the door opens and there’s a camera attached to Verhoeven. I’m meeting him on-camera from the moment I walk in the door. He’s directing me to a chair to sit down and asking me questions behind a camera. It’s like having an interview with a voyeur.

That feels appropriate for Paul Verhoeven.

Yeah. So he’s watching through the camera and side-coaching me. We go through the scene, and he’s like, “Now you’re looking, you’re looking, you’re looking.” I say, “Okay, I’m looking.” He says, “Maybe while you look you do a little lick.” I go, “A what?” He says, “A lick, like a little lick of your lips.” So I’m looking and I do a little lick of my lips, and he’s staring at me through the camera. He says, “Maybe another lick. Maybe you do two licks.” I do lick, lick. Then he stares. He says, “Maybe you try a third lick.” And I do the third lick, and he says, “No, that’s too many licks.”