Thursday, June 9, 2022

Larry Ellison "is making his Hawaiian island more hospitable to the super-rich and pushing out families that have been there for generations"

Long article at Bloomberg about life on Lanai:

Lanai has largely been in private hands since the 19th century, but Ellison, with a net worth of about $90 billion, is far wealthier than its last owner


Ellison is a modern American king—incomprehensibly wealthy and powerful. Many residents both rent from him and work for him, and a provision in his residential leases states that if you’re terminated from a job with any of his companies, you can be kicked out of your home, too. Under Ellison, 30-day leases have become the norm for Lanai’s small businesses, as opposed to the five-year terms some were used to before.

There's a scandalous allegation about the world's most famous movie star far, far down in the article.