Thursday, June 23, 2022

Third party Deathsaurus figure looks great, is available for preorder

A bunch of new toy preorders, including a Star Wars Black figure of the hammer droid from Disney+; Mafex figures for classic Spidey and Scarlet Spider; and a re-release of Sentinel's soldout Spider-Verse Spidey (with head and torso options to create sleek Chris Pine or flabby Jake Johnson versions). 

Also, "Reformatted 42 D-Zef" by Mastermind Creations includes mini tiger figure, sword, gun, mace, and alternate head. The wiki for the character says, "Deathsaurus is a Breastforce warrior, meaning he has two detachable breastplates which can transform into the Tigerbreast and Eaglebreast, respectively":