Monday, June 13, 2022

The brand new stadium in Los Angeles doesn't have the field space to host a soccer game?

From an article predicting which cities/stadiums will host 2026 World Cup games:

One ideal city, two less-than-ideal stadiums — and that’s why Los Angeles' status as a favorite to host the U.S. opener has gotten shaky. It has ritzy SoFi, with just about every imaginable amenity but not enough field space for soccer. It has the Rose Bowl, which is steeped in history but relatively bare-bones compared to the other venues on this list.

It’s unclear whether both will get games or, more likely, FIFA will choose one. SoFi is the logical choice, but if FIFA is unwilling to compromise on field dimensions, it might have to sacrifice thousands, if not tens of thousands of seats — an adjustment that could jeopardize L.A.’s candidacy for a high-profile match like an opener or semifinal.