Sunday, June 19, 2022

Today's funny posts

Amazon has it, and it makes sound effects when you pull the trigger.

@thelifestylecoach If u come to #dodger games & think #uber is the way think again! Thank me later! These people wait hours! #baseball #dodgers #losangeles ♬ original sound - JustinStyle

@sarahahahahaahahahaha What have I done? What do I do? Please help #bird ♬ Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) - Dominik Hauser

@cannaturtleman My hubby sprung into action when we had noticed a poor turtle attempting to cross the road. After his adrenaline move I reminded him that he saved the poor lil guy on a median. Good news…the rescue mission was finished and the turtle was safely assisted to the other side (not a median). 🐢🐢😅 #husbandwife #couplecomedy #turtlecrossing ♬ original sound - Canna Turtle Man
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