Sunday, September 4, 2022

Chairman of Russian oil giant Lukoil "is the 8th Russian energy executive to die suddenly this year"

"a list of these cases, in chronological order."

The chief financial officer of financially struggling Bed Bath & Beyond died Friday after falling from a New York City high-rise, police said.
In August, its stock plunged more than 40 percent after a 350 percent spike that month, The Washington Post reported, riding a wave of excitement from investors after billionaire Ryan Cohen took a large stake in the struggling retailer. The company’s stock went into a free fall for days when Cohen signaled that he would drop his shares.

Meme stock Bed Bath & Beyond crashes more than 40 percent

A Securities and Exchange Commission filing confirmed that he sold his entire stake in Bed Bath & Beyond, profiting more than $58 million, according to MarketWatch, after selling 7.78 million shares at weighted average prices ranging from $18.68 to $29.22.


On Aug. 24, shareholders who said they had lost $1.2 billion filed a complaint alleging that Bed Bath & Beyond, [the CFO] and Cohen participated in a scheme to inflate the price of its stock to sell shares at a higher price.