Sunday, September 18, 2022

"Creators said that the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp defamation trial was a pivotal moment in the online harassment landscape, emboldening misogynistic YouTubers and allowing them to collectively amass millions of followers"


a YouTuber in Tennessee ... has grown his following to more than 400,000 subscribers, largely by posting anti-Amber Heard content. Depp’s lawyer said he’d been in communication with several YouTubers, including [that individual in Tennesee].


[The YouTuber] did not respond directly to a request for comment. He later published a video saying that in years past he had not exclusively posted Amber Heard-related content, but that he had published content about comics. In a tweet after The Post sent him questions, he acknowledged his role as a leader of Comicsgate, a campaign beginning in 2018 that opposed diversity in the comic book world.

Many of [his] earlier titles include attacks on “social justice warriors” and “woke” culture, such as “SJWs ruin comics: Comic Industry 2019 Numbers REVEAL There’s NO coming back from WOKENESS!” and “SJWs never learn: SJWs take WRONG LESSON from Study, Hilariously Missing THEY’RE the BAD GUYS!”