Friday, September 23, 2022

Today's funny posts

(The article. Related, the new Starting Lineup figures comes with NFTs.)


@princeofwhales Imagine the surprise of a 700+ lb California sea lion jumping into your boat! Guests on our zodiac tour out of Victoria witnessed a dramatic wildlife encounter when a sea lion jumped into a nearby fishing boat in a bid to escape three nearby Bigg’s orcas. *All people and sea lions involved were unharmed* #PrinceOfWhales #whalewatching #SeaLion #wildlife #yyj #vancouverisland #victoriaBC ♬ original sound - Prince of Whales

@moogoo2000 Cats rule Croatia #makarska #cats #catsoftiktok ♬ On An Evening In Roma (Sott'er Celo De Roma) - Remastered - Dean Martin

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