Tuesday, September 6, 2022

"Pro-MAGA D.C. Cop Secretly Worked to Undermine Seth Rich Investigation"

Rolling Stone on a gym owner that became an officer when he was close to 50, improperly accessed the internal case file, and leaked the name of the eyewitness to a podcaster: 

But it was an appearance by Blue on an episode of Matt Couch’s podcast that offered the best clue as to his identity.


Sines’ tipster had noticed something strange. More than an hour into the podcast, Couch’s co-host slipped up and used an actual name . . . . Later, Couch let slip another detail: Blue was once named officer of the year. It didn’t take the tipster long to piece together a convincing theory of who Blue really was. 


He had no role in the investigation into the shooting, which had taken place outside of his service area and in an entirely different police district at the time. 


As a cop, [he] had access to case data available only to MPD employees. One day, as he was sitting in a patrol car that belonged to a friend on the force, [he] pulled up the internal file for the Rich murder.