Thursday, September 1, 2022

Wild story about sheriff's deputies driving over 500 miles across California to seize a child's goat so it could be slaughtered


The little girl was enrolled in the local 4-H chapter youth program, and in June she took Cedar, a white goat with chocolate markings framing its face, to be exhibited at the Shasta District Fair livestock auction. Before the auction began, the family asked to back out but fair officials refused, saying fair rules prohibited that and put the goat up for auction, where a representative for ... the Republican candidate for governor, bid $902 for Cedar’s meat.


The goat ended up at a farm in Sonoma County because of concern over how saving Cedar might “be a point of controversy” in the neighborhood, the suit says. “Plaintiffs live in an agricultural community, and feared that deviating from a 4-H program through resisting the slaughter of livestock would upset other 4-H members and community members,” the suit says.


“Two sheriff’s deputies left their jurisdiction in Shasta County, drove over 500 miles at taxpayer expense, and crossed approximately six separate county lines, all to confiscate a young girl’s beloved pet goat, Cedar, after she decided not to auction him for slaughter,” the suit says.