Wednesday, February 8, 2023

"Santos’ unusual $199.99 campaign expenses are putting scrutiny on his longtime treasurer"

People involved in Santos’ campaign describe Marks as someone whose duties extended far beyond filing the campaign’s reports with federal regulators.

Her company was paid by Santos’ campaign for both accounting and fundraising services, federal records show.
Marks and her firm, Campaigns Unlimited, represent dozens of New York-based political committees, state records show. She served as treasurer of Zeldin’s unsuccessful campaign of New York governor in 2022 and has worked with the former House member for nearly a decade. Zeldin endorsed Santos ahead of his 2020 House race and campaigned with him last year.
Until Marks’ resignation, she served as treasurer, not only of Santos’ congressional campaigns in the 2020 and 2022 cycles, but several other Santos-affiliated committees – including GADS PAC, a leadership PAC that donated to dozens of other Republican candidates and committees, including to Zeldin’s gubernatorial campaign.