Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Five people in Los Angeles schemed to share the prize in Chipotle's Strava running competition

Chipotle and Strava teamed up for a promotion last month:

Sponsor will offer a series of six (6) segment challenges on Strava (each a “Segment Challenge”).  Each Segment Challenge is scheduled to take place along a designated route (each, a “Segment”) in the following locations (each, a “Location”): Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Washington D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; and Denver, Colorado.  Each Segment Challenge invites eligible entrants to complete the Segment by running, walking, or by wheelchair.

To enter any of the Segment Challenges, during the Contest Period, eligible entrants must log into their Strava Account and enroll in the applicable Segment Challenge and select whether the entrant will complete the Segment by running, walking, or by wheelchair. 


At the end of the Contest Period, the entrant who completes the Segment the most times during the Contest Period will be the winner.  


In the event that two or more entrants are tied, the tied winners will each be awarded a prize.


The winners of each Segment Challenge will receive “Lifestyle Bowls for a Year” (as defined below). Each “Lifestyle Bowls for a Year” prize consists of Chipotle Rewards credits good for one (1) free regular entrée per week for a year, or a total of up to fifty-two (52) regular entrée items. 

Here's a post summarizing what happened in each market, including what happened in LA:

Well, well, well… looks like LA outsmarted everyone. Remember about three lines ago where I was expressing confusion and doubt at the leaderboard showing 5 people all with 369 attempts? Turns out I got clarity from the winners themselves on exactly what happened here, and it’s beautiful.

You see, after the competition started heating up, these individuals – some part of the same gym, and others not, started talking to each other about a possible plan. The current leader used Strava’s new private DM functionality to reach out to some of the other serious competitors (including one who was about to give up, given upcoming travel), and asked if they wanted to work together