Monday, February 28, 2011

Skull chair

Skull chair (I couldn't tell who it was by). Via.

Chaos Space Marines from Davey Jones's locker

I typically only post Games Workshop miniatures at Toycutter, but every so often I see something that really knocks my socks off. Check out Brandon Palmer's Scallywaggin Chaos Space Marine army for Warhammer 40K. And the pirates and diving suited figures and octopuses you see below are just a small sampling of the wondrous miniatures he has on display at his site.


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Nick Denton on the Gawker redesign

Nick Denton on the Gawker redesign: "Obviously, the reduction in traffic from Google — as from most design changes — has been significant."

Link roundup

1. Cute moment at a comic book convention (make sure you read the explanation of what the little girl is doing in the photo).

2. Last Exit to Nowhere's latest t-shirt is indeed based on Close encounters of the Third Kind.

3. Win a Dark Crystal poster by Phantom City Creative (if you're in Toronto).

Toddlers and Tiaras episode featuring Tom Hanks and his daughter

Toddlers and Tiaras episode featuring Tom Hanks and his daughter (maybe she can be as successful as her brother, Chet Haze).

OK, I am once again veering toward optimism about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Two of the latest screens posted for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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The Backstreet Dentist

Two fearsome items from Lucy Harvey's The Backstreet Dentist. Via.

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La Luz De Jesus Gallery's Everything But the Kitschen Sync show

OK, here's highlights from La Luz De Jesus Gallery's Everything But the Kitschen Sync show opening this weekend (the images I posted a few days ago were apparently from a show they had mislabeled):

Jack in the Box by Nathan Ota.

Facehuggers by Dennis Larkins.

Sculptures by Greg Brotherton.

Lamps by Evan Chambers.

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Three great posters for the movie Rubber?

Wikipedia hilariously summarizes:

Rubber is a 2010 French horror comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. It was directed and written by Quentin Dupieux. The film was shown at the Cannes Film festival where it had negative critical reception. Reviews outside of Cannes have been more positive.
The trailer's well worth a watch.

First there was Olly Moss's poster:

And now, a poster by Boris Vallejo (and Julie Bell?):

There's also a French poster that's great:


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Link by Esao Andrews

Link by Esao Andrews for the upcoming video game-themed show at Giant Robot.

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Project Rooftop's Aquaman redesign contest

Project Rooftop posted the winners in its Aquaman redesign contest. Many of them aren't much more than (nicely drawn) trivial twists on Aquaman's established looks. But these are my favorites. If I saw these looks on a comic I'd be optimistic that the story might be fresh:

B. T. Pannell.

Nate Bellegarde.

Yasmin Liang.

And this redesign by Chris King (which I previously posted) is still my favorite:

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Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Tone Branson imagines how Daniel Day-Lewis will look in Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie about Abraham Lincoln.

*Previously: Jon Hamm as Superman.

Famous Objects From Classic Movies

Here's a fun take on hangman - - Famous Objects From Famous Movies. (I'm nine for nine so far...) Via.

New Threadless t-shirts

Some of today's new Threadless t-shirts:

Skate Aranha by Cezar Berger.

Furious Fowl by Brian Cook.

Taste of the Wild by Phil Tseng.

Lady Fox by Arindra Prakoso.

Killer Tune by enkel dika.