Thursday, September 24, 2015

Link roundup

1. Peter Pan Honest Trailer:

For starters, it’s a lot creepier than you probably remembered. The idea of an immortal trickster who spies on you and then kidnaps you to a war zone gets more disturbing the more disturbing the longer you think about it.
2. "Nassau County DA’s office forbids prosecutors from having handguns (even at home)":
As best I can tell, the theory is that the DA’s office is worried that prosecutors will come in to the office in a rage and shoot up the place. What kinds of people is the DA’s office hiring?
3. "A robot named Lucy is lining up to get an iPhone 6S in Australia"
In the smartest time management yet seen in an iPhone line, Lucy Kelly has outsourced the job to a telepresence robot, also called Lucy. It is an iPad attached to a Segway-type device that allows a person to be somewhat physically present despite not being there.

The robot arrived to take the position of fourth-in-line at the flagship Apple Store on George Street at 5 a.m.
4. High school football coaches see fear of injuries draining talent pool
Several high-profile private schools in Southern California have their lowest number of players on freshman teams in years. Santa Ana Mater Dei has gone from 84 freshmen last season to 58. Los Angeles Loyola, an all-boys school with nearly 1,300 students, has 83, the fewest number in the last two decades, according to longtime trainer Tim Moscicki.