Friday, September 4, 2015

Link roundup

1. "Tom Brady Haunted By Destroyed Cell Phone Ringing Beneath Floorboards"

2. "Bob Ross once painted only in gray for a colorblind fan … and it was incredible."

3. "The Poster for 'Spectre' Is Fake, Right? It Has To Be."

4. TWS:
“Courage is a muscle. You develop courage by exercising it. Sitting on the fence is not practice for standing up.” Imagine what it takes to live your whole professional and personal life as a “justice-in waiting.” These SCOTUS-wannabes spend their careers seeking the approval of others, in the hopes that one day they will be nominated because of their friendships across the political spectrum. Then, unimpeded by anything controversial in their records, they can sail through a confirmation hearing. These are the exact sort of people who will be cowed by the Beltway social pressures and the New York Times editorial page. Such willfully “stealth candidates” should be disqualified from consideration for the Supreme Court—the position in Washington most vulnerable to these influences.
5. "Russian town besieged by hungry bears"
There is good reason for the caution: a dashcam recently captured footage of a bear jumping out from beneath a balcony to attack a man in Luchegorsk as he was walking his dog near the entrance to his apartment building. Another man