Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Link roundup

1. Muji is collaborating with Japan’s housing agency to makeover old apartments
The agency rebranded as the Urban Renaissance (UR) Agency in 2004 and is now focusing on improving the quality of the 760,000 housing units it now runs, rather than increasing their number. The problem is that many of the apartments are emptying out and the remaining residents are ageing.
Muji hopes to solve that problem. Japan’s most famous interiors export is targeting young singletons and couples by ripping down walls, painting everything white and putting in new kitchens and bathrooms that embody its aesthetic of simple and utilitarian minimalism.
2. Reviewing Taco Bell's new wraps:
Taco Bell’s flavor engineers seem to have taken the Dorito Loco’s success as bulletproof validation of their vision, for their product launches have been getting steadily more bombastic ever since.
A Dare Devil Loaded Griller costs a dollar. (Note in the receipt below that a small drink costs almost twice as much as one of these things.) That’s quite some deal for 380 to 420 calories worth of food—as for why the calories jump from 380 to 400 to 420 for Habanero to Ghost Pepper to Chipotle, respectively, when the only thing that changes is the hot sauce, eh, let’s not think about that).
3. "Owner of exotic cars speeding in Beverly Hills claims diplomatic immunity"
If it is legal, the driver may want some lessons in the future if the damage to the LaFerrari is any indication. The low-riding vehicle has a price tag in the seven figures and is heard repeatedly scraping against the ground and backfiring before it’s steered into a driveway