Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Link roundup

1. "I’ve heard the theory that [Captain] Kirk’s logs just get circulated round headquarters for lulz before being dumped in the circular file as obvious fabrications by someone bored with a frontier posting."

2. "Reminder: Dick Cheney only makes sense if you add, 'Clarice' to everything he says. 'The Iran deal is madness, Clarice.'"

3. "what's the word for when you go to take a pic, but the front-facing cam is on, and you're forced to confront yrself as you really are?"

4. "Lifeguards rescued more than 5,000 people overcome by high surf and dangerous rip currents at beaches in Los Angeles and Orange counties over the Labor Day weekend."

5. "6 Places [in Los Angeles] Your Uber Driver Doesn't Want To Pick You Up."