Thursday, September 17, 2015

Link roundup

1. "The Arctic Mosquito Swarms Large Enough to Kill a Baby Caribou"
Arctic mosquito swarms are the stuff of legend. Some of them contain hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of insects.
2. "Confessions of an Anonymous Free to Play Producer"
And if you are a whale, we take Facebook stalking to a whole new level. You spend enough money, we will friend you. Not officially, but with a fake account. Maybe it’s a hot girl who shows too much cleavage? That’s us. We learned as much before friending you, but once you let us in, we have the keys to the kingdom. We will use everything to figure out how to sell to you. I remember we had a whale in one game that loved American Football despite living in Saudi Arabia. We built several custom virtual items in both his favorite team colors and their opponents, just to sell to this one guy. You better believe he bought them.
3. "Olive Garden Pasta Passes Sell Out In Under A Second"