Thursday, September 24, 2015

Link roundup

1. One of the playcards used in a college football game tonight featured pics of Kate Upton and handcuffs.

2. Smart camera:
When you try to take a picture, Camera Restricta uses GPS to identify where you are, and compare your location to other geotagged photos online within about a 115 square-foot-radius. If too many other people have taken a picture where you are, Camera Restricta won't let you make your shot. The camera features a really clever audio cue to signal to its owner that photos are restricted: like a geiger counter, a clicking sound indicates when a location is photographically radioactive.
3. Home aquariums full of deadly coral:
Most aquarium hobbyists have assumed that you must touch the coral in order to be poisoned.
some pieces of the coral fell on the floor, and some live polyps broke off.

Two people were sleeping in a room next door. The man who later showed up in the ER got home later and slept for seven hours in the same room as the aquarium.

All through the night -- and let me emphasize that you just can't make this stuff up -- the coral seems to have exuded some sort of creeping death mist.