Sunday, September 27, 2015

Link roundup

1. DMCA makes it difficult to test carmakers' claims.

2. Why put blurbs on books?
The blurb isn't exactly meant for readers — at least, not entirely. By the time a blurb gets to the reader, by the time it's resting on a book in a display, it has already done most of the work it's supposed to do.

"We now very often receive submissions from literary agents to consider a book, and the agent's letter will have endorsements already in place from authors you've heard of," says Michael Pietsch, CEO of publisher Hachette Book Group. "And that's the way the agent is getting the publishing community to read this book ahead of all the other thousands of books on submission at that time."
3. "When Iron Man’s toyline was canceled due to poor sales after its last batch of toys were already produced, they instead became X-Men and Spider-Man 'armor' toylines"