Friday, June 1, 2018

"an up close look at a new cannon that could aide in active shooter situations through the use of its unbelievable ammo - water jugs"

The humble, ordinary water cooler bottle used in offices all across America becomes a mighty missile when loaded into this amazing cannon - the BCB Wall Breaker.

Without using any explosives whatsoever, the cannon remarkably uses just compressed air to blast the bottles through tough targets.

With the tragic rise in school shootings, the BCB Wall Breaker has the potential to save countless lives of American children in future active shooter situations.


Imagine students barricaded in classrooms with no way to escape. The shooter is roaming the hallways. The only exit is the door to the hallway. If students tried to escape via the hallway, they could be greatly at risk.

Outside the school building, police could roll up these water cannons and quickly punch holes in the walls of every classroom providing large escape holes.