Thursday, May 31, 2018

"Baltimore High Schools Sick Of Getting Whupped By Football Coach Who Spends Millions On His Team"

Last season, St. Frances went 13-0 and outscored opponents 534-61


Poggi did more than merely coach the St. Frances football team, however; he also bankrolled it.

Poggi owns a financial service firm based in the city, Samuel James LTD. A report in the February issue of the Catholic Review, a newsletter of the Baltimore Archdiocese, identified him as a “hedge fund manager” and said that he personally pays for “more than 40 football players” to attend SFA. The piece put the school’s entire enrollment at 172 students, and said “out of town” players are given room and board in rowhouses in Baltimore’s trendy Canton neighborhood.


Poggi spent the 2016 football season as a special teams assistant on Jim Harbaugh’s staff at the University of Michigan—where his son, Henry Poggi, was a running back