Thursday, August 2, 2018

"Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church said Thursday it will not be taking in new monks in monasteries nationwide for a year after the unresolved death of the abbot of a prominent monastery in the desert northwest of Cairo"

"The circumstances surrounding Bishop Epiphanius’ death remain unclear and an investigation is ongoing."

Here's more details from Egypt Today:
The late bishop was found dead and covered in blood on Sunday morning. The preliminary security investigation suggested that Bishop Epiphanius was hit by a sharp object. The body of the bishop was transferred to the morgue of the Wadi El-Natrun Central Hospital.


Monk Basil of the St. Macarius Monastery told Al-Watan that 130 monks live in the monastery and that the body of Bishop Epiphanius was discovered by Monk Gabriel. A part of Epiphanius’s brain got out of his skull which enhances the probability that the bishop was hit by a sharp object.