Thursday, August 16, 2018

"The manager of the Australian team at the Little League World Series was suspended by Little League Baseball"

Calvert, who coached his team through the state tournaments in Australia, was suspended by Little League Baseball in June for playing a game in which one of his 13 players did not have an at-bat. That player just happened to be his son, 9-year-old Thomas Calvert, who was left in the on-deck circle in the team's 5-2 victory in the team's first game of the national tournament that it eventually went on to win.

Calvert is the first manager in the history of the Little League World Series to be suspended for the duration of the tournament.


Sources familiar with the recent process that changed the penalty from two games to a permanent suspension said that there was an opinion that managers were willing to take advantage, by sitting players and absorbing a suspension, as long as the team went on to win.


My absence seemed to inspire them."