Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"Letter of Recommendation: Yacht Spotting"

My favorite arrows are the magenta ones, which represent pleasure crafts. A vast majority of these are small boats with playful names like Fin N Tonic and Swim Lessons — the minnows of the category. More fun are the leviathans: superyachts. The past two decades have seen a sharp rise in the number of “high-net-worth individuals” who, unsatisfied with mahogany speedboats or lowly non-super yachts, prefer 230-foot mini cruise ships outfitted like palaces, staffed with professional crews and often worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


MarineTraffic has made it easier to peek into a whole different world, almost beyond nations and addresses and public property records. While waiting for a frozen pizza to defrost, I can use the app to hop over to Montenegro and look