Wednesday, August 1, 2018

"The Walls Are Closing In"

Drew Magary:
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I swear. When these here Intertubes came to prominence, the idea was that information would finally be free; that people would know MORE about this stupid world than they did before


That’s part of the reason I have spent the bulk of my career being a big snarky blog boy and goofing on traditional media outlets. Once upon a time, bloggers versus journalists was a very real and enjoyable feud. I definitely spoke about the blogging “community” as if it were a real and good thing


Yeah well, they were killed all right. The Washington Post, which only thrives at the moment because it’s owned by history’s richest man, said yesterday that over 200,000 journalism jobs have been lost since the turn of the century. All the old-school media outlets I used to goof on are going under, and not because of superior competition, but because they’re all getting eaten alive


Pretty soon, if not right now, the only factual journalism you’re gonna get will come from nonprofit groups, high-level access merchants, and anyone with a phone handy when shit goes down.

Everyone else will get wiped out. Misinformation will continue to flourish even more because it’s easy and because it’s profitable
Touch Arcade:
Apple Kills the App Store Affiliate Program, and I Have No Idea What We Are Going to Do.