Sunday, October 14, 2018

"All New Candlelight Tour at Winchester Mystery House"

In keeping with the subtle creepy atmosphere cultivated here, she didn’t announce “I’m a ghost”, but as she spoke that fact became clear. Indeed, this is an entirely new story-line involving 13 mysterious doors and their links to the supernatural. There are still cool little effects here and there that aren’t even mentioned, but the main effects are increasingly prevalent. In fact, there seems to be a steady movement for the type of experience envisioned by Rolly Crump when the Haunted Mansion was seen as a walk-through attraction: small groups spending a few minutes in a scene culminating with a special effect. And no longer content to simply create an atmosphere of general creepiness, the spirits of the house are resorting to full-blown scares that even includes a black-walled maze with lurkers waiting to hit you with shock and awe. If you’re considering bringing children under say, 10, make sure they’re of hearty stock