Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Baldur's Gate 3 lets you be really evil, and throw fastball specials

Matt Purslow takes a walk on the dark side:
here are a few things that I’ve done thanks to my decision to throw all caution to the wind: I underwent an ametuer lobotomy. I forced a monster to kill its friends and then eat itself. I catapulted an innocent gnome over the horizon using a windmill.


For one character, my evil actions were just too much, and they straight up noped themselves out of my party. This put me a fighter down, and - thanks to the experimental brain surgery I previously mentioned - my character also had a permanent combat disadvantage, which further reduced my party’s battle effectiveness. Both are mistakes I won’t be making in my playthrough at release, not just because I now know the consequences, but because without the freedom to be careless granted by this lack of permanence, I wouldn’t have been daring enough to push the game that far anyway. I’m very glad to have seen these actions play out here, though, as they provide some of Act 1’s most memorable moments.


you can throw quite literally anything in the world - provided your strength stat is up to it - and that includes bodies. It also includes your own party members, and considering this doomed playthrough meant I cared little for my companions’ opinion of me, I experimented with them as fleshy projectiles (result: minimal damage, but a very handy tactic for flanking enemies, and it won’t affect your relationships).