Monday, April 11, 2022

The Los Angeles and San Francisco DAs sued a law firm for allegedly filing hundreds of fraudulent lawsuits

Prosecutors in San Francisco and Los Angeles are suing a disability rights law firm they say has filed thousands of fraudulent lawsuits against small businesses across California.

Announced Monday, the complaint seeks restitution, civil penalties and injunctions against [the] San Diego-based [firm] for years of litigation prosecutors say basically amounted to shakedowns of small businesses through serial plaintiffs with no regard to actual violations of the American Disabilities Act.


Prosecutors say one of the [firm's] serial filers has “over 800 federal cases” in his name while another has about 1,700. 

SF Chronicle:

They said the firm sues on behalf of a handful of disabled clients who, in most cases, have never even visited the businesses, and claim violations that are typically fabricated. For example, two restaurants in San Francisco’s Chinatown were accused of serving food at outdoor tables that were too low to accommodate wheelchairs — at a time when both were providing only takeout meals because of the pandemic.