Sunday, December 11, 2022

Federal investigation of Bay Area California indicates "rampant criminality in the ranks of law enforcement"

Mercury News:

Multiple law enforcement sources say involved officers from Pittsburg and Antioch allegedly recruited a woman to take online college courses and pass tests in their names, in an attempt to gain pay bumps the departments award to officers with higher learning degrees


After receiving a tip about the college degree scheme, investigators snatched cell phones belonging to several officers


What started out as suspected salary fraud quickly snowballed. On cell phones seized by authorities, investigators uncovered evidence of other potential crimes — and more officers to look into.

Now, with indictments expected by year’s end, the probe has swelled to encompass at least a dozen Antioch and Pittsburg police officers, and a growing list of crimes including premeditated civil rights violations, falsifying reports, using and distributing steroids, using cocaine, and accepting bribes while on patrol.

From July:

Contra Costa County prosecutors have dropped 40 criminal cases because they were linked to East Bay officers under investigation for offenses of "moral turpitude," the office confirmed on Friday.