Friday, December 9, 2022

Today's funny posts

(From 2019, "I am amazed that Trump has never once mentioned the wrongful detention of Paul Whelan.")

(From 2014, "Viktor Bout believes he has evidence to justify a new U.S. trial and has hired the law firm of former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to help him pursue his case")

(Now: "the so-called Merchant of Death is unlikely to take up his activities where he left off")

"the Floresville Police Department, 30 miles outside of San Antonio, hired [the officer] five months after his final firing"

From 2021: "I suspect Sinema decided to leave the party years ago and has simply been waiting for the most dramatic moment to do so"

"O’Leary promoted FTX aggressively on Twitter and online, touting his close connection with disgraced founder Sam Bankman-Fried"

Amazon has it

@cwei748 He was so slow that he had to be helped across the road #animal #funnyvideos #lovely #pet #foryo #fyp ♬ Love You Still (abcdefu romantic version) (v1) - Tyler Shaw

@olliollioxenfreee #catsoftiktok #fyp #christmastree ♬ Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

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