Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Alex Goldman says an Imagineer confirmed Disney's Trump animatronic was a hastily repurposed Hillary

It's apparently been replaced by a properly sculpted one. From his substack:

The imagineer closed with a fascinating bit of Disney animatronic trivia

Alot [sic] of people hear that Disney has a new animatronic, and they think it’s getting designed somewhere from scratch in a Swiss lab. For some of the more advanced ones, that’s definitely the case but for most of them, it’s much more like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. They’ll repurpose and put together existing heads and appendages for new rides or if they need spare parts. There’s an old attraction called Ellen’s Universe of Energy. It was a really long ride, and I’ll bet there were at least a dozen Ellen Degeneres animatronics. After the ride closed down, they didn’t throw out those Ellens. They repurposed them. I know they put a beard and probably an eyepatch on at least one and moved it into one of the background scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

So just because it appears Hilary is no longer hiding underneath a latex Trump mask in The Hall of Presidents, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be hiding elsewhere in the park