Wednesday, June 21, 2023

There's an anime about a non-magical himbo who dominates a Hogwarts-like school for magic with his incredible level of athleticism

This new preorder listing for a Harry Potter-esque S.H.Figuarts figure caught my eye enough to click through, and I was delighted to see the accessories included:
Cream puffs
2 Dumbbells
Iron wand    
I've now learned he's Mash Burnedead from the manga/anime Mashle. From the wiki:
He was abandoned when he was a child due to lacking a mark, meaning that he is unable to use magic. Regro Burnedead found him and raised him outside the big city, hiding Mash from society and teaching him self-defense. They lived a peaceful life together, until one day, when Mash goes to the city and a policeman discovers him. After that event, Brad Coleman notices that Mash doesn't have a mark and goes to Mash's house to find him. Once there, Brad hurts Regro and after an "intense" fight with Mash, they accord that Mash will go to the magic school in order to maintain their peaceful life. 
Muscles Magic (マスクルズ 魔法, Masukuruzu Mahō): Mash was born without a mark, so he cannot cast spells, instead, he uses muscle-based techniques to compensate for his lack of magic power
Iron Wand: Mash's "wand" is an extremely heavy rod. According to a wand shop owner, not in a thousand years has anyone with strength or Magic, been able to lift it. Mash is able to forcibly change the shape of his wand with his incredible strength. The wand is sturdy enough to withstand Mash's inhuman strength 
There's a full episode at Youtube that moves at a delightfully brisk pace, and answers the question, "How would a super jock deal with Quidditch, magical duels, and supernatural creatures?" Pretty much every moment is deserving of a screencap:

Various Mashle toys are available for preorder at the BBTS.