Friday, June 16, 2023

Canadian tribes contemplating plan to build "more homes than currently exist in most of Vancouver’s 22 neighbourhoods"

Vancouver Sun:

The neighbourhood groups that opposed the earlier vision are unlikely to welcome the new, bigger, denser, taller version. But there are also many in Vancouver who support the vision of a new city centre on the west side, a dense, transit-oriented, mixed-use community that will provide public amenities and also support the economic health of the Host Nations.


As massive as Jericho is, it is only one piece of the MST Nations’ development plans. The First Nations, both jointly and independently, are planning to build tens of thousands of homes on sites in Vancouver, Burnaby and the North Shore. Their portfolio of prime urban real estate has been estimated at around $5 billion, and the MST Development Corporation CEO has estimated that portfolio could be worth closer to $30 billion by the time those properties are developed.