Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Top law firm released years of scandalous emails after two partners left and took 100+ attorneys with them to start a rival business


Last month, Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard and Smith, one of the nation’s largest law firms, was rocked by the announcement that two top partners were starting their own boutique practice and taking as many as 140 colleagues with them.

The shock inside Lewis Brisbois’ downtown Los Angeles headquarters soon gave way to anger as the recently departed partners embarked on a press campaign that portrayed their former employer as a profit-focused legal mill that ground down the aspirations of its lawyers.


But over the weekend, Lewis Brisbois struck back.

In an extraordinary move, its management team directed the release of scores of emails in which [the former, longtime partners] used vile terms for women, Black people, Armenians, Persians, and gay men and traded in offensive stereotypes of Jews and Asians.


The pair injected mundane work correspondence with antisemitism.


[Some of the attorneys] had already asked for their old jobs back at Lewis Brisbois, a spokesperson said.

Related, terrible news for the LA Times:

The Times is eliminating 74 positions in the newsroom, representing about 13% of the total.


Reporting positions are expected to be largely spared but the production staff will be scaled back. Nearly a third of the cuts come from news and copy editor ranks. Some photographers, audience engagement editors and audio producers will also be affected.