Wednesday, June 14, 2023

You should buy every issue of "Friday" by Marcos Martin and Ed Brubaker

It's a solid series with fantastic art by Martin about a Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown-type detective team, and every issue is pay what you want at Panel Syndicate. In a new interview, Martin's pretty down on sales, which is a shame because there's a lot of great comics at Panel Syndicate:

if you are asking, is it the viable business model? I’d say no.


Sometimes I think we’re probably still living out of the atomic bomb that was The Private Eye. That sent so many ripples across the internet verse, I guess, that we’re still able to live from just that single day. That was pretty big. We were aware that the main problem was going to be exposure from the very beginning. Basically, what you were saying, being able to keep attention…it’s difficult.

From the same interview, an anecdote about doing work for hire:

I just went to see the latest Spider-Man movie, and there’s this character that I co-created and I only co-created accidentally because I was drawing a variant cover for this short series where this character appeared. And I had to draw the cover so far ahead that the story hadn’t actually been written yet. They had the concept of the character, but the artists hadn’t gotten to actually draw the story and were still far away from doing it. So I had to design the character on the fly, just in order to be able to draw the variant cover. So I designed the character, but only because I needed to draw the variant cover.

(Ebay has it.)