Monday, July 17, 2023

BBC1 launched an ARG to locate its missing DJs


When BBC1 Radio presenter Greg James went into work on Monday July 17th, thirty of his coworkers decided to play hooky, leaving him in charge of the station’s hosting duties for the foreseeable future. He was greeted by a message written in Comic Sans from a “sentient office printer”


That next piece of paper laid out the rules of Radio 1’s Giant DJ Hunt: Greg (with more than a little help from his loyal listeners) has to track down clues to the location of his missing colleagues scattered across the internet, and confront them with a simple question: “are you a Radio 1 DJ?”


At the time of this article, 11 out of 30 presenters have been found, with listeners tracking down clues left by presenters across their social media


this isn’t the first time the channel messed with Greg James over the summer – at this point, the Summer Games are a bit of an institution at the network, with James at the center of it time and again.