Thursday, July 27, 2023

Scientists are racing to transport Florida's corals to on-shore nurseries before they're all killed by record-hot waters

Miami Herald:

Every day this week, boats, trucks and even a “coral bus” have arrived at the Keys Marine Laboratory in Long Key with precious cargo. Sloshing inside of coolers and wrapped in wet bubble wrap are thousands of fragments of corals that, until hours before, were growing in shallow nurseries managed by scientists. They’re being raised as the next generation of corals for Florida’s dying reefs. But they’re in trouble.


an underwater live stream [features] the corals in Port Miami, called Coral City Camera. But about two weeks ago, the elkhorns that made up the background of the normally lively and colorful scene started losing their color. Now they’re so white they reflect the moonlight in the late-night version of the stream, a ghostly presence in the black water.