Thursday, July 27, 2023

Professional scuba diver's body discovered in suspected case of "parasite smuggling"

Vice (reminds me of the type of caper Garreth would have pulled off in William Gibson's novels):

The wetsuit-clad, unconscious form of ... a professional scuba diver and adrenaline junkie from Brazil, was found floating in the industrial port of Newcastle, Australia, surrounded by 54 kilos of cocaine bricks in May last year.

It’s alleged that [the diver], 31, and another diver he knew ..., had been smuggled into Australia days before to undertake a risky underwater mission.

They were reportedly there to carry out a nighttime dive to retrieve 108 kilos of cocaine – worth around $30 million to Australian crime gangs – attached to the outside of the hull of the Areti GR, a huge 34,000-tonne cargo ship that had sailed into Newcastle the night before from Argentina.


After [the diver] died, [a] superyacht agent ... from Cairns in Australia was arrested while trying to fly to Singapore. Court documents allege [the agent] smuggled the two Brazilians into Cullen Bay

The article goes into detail on the technology used in such operations, including "The Torpedo, a cocaine-packed parasite drone designed to attach itself by magnets to the hull of cargo ships."

A lot of great pics on Instagram: