Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Texas A&M suspended a professor for criticizing the lieutenant governor after the professor was reported by a politically-connected student

Texas Tribune:

The Texas A&M system confirmed the series of phone calls and text messages that led to [the professor]’s investigation was kicked off by [the] Texas Land Commissioner ..., a graduate of UTMB’s medical school. The Tribune confirmed her daughter, a first-year medical student at the time, attended [the professor's] lecture. [The Texas Land Commissioner] served six years in the Texas Senate with [the Lieutenant Governor], who endorsed her run for land commissioner last year, and she recently attended [the Texas A&M Chancellor]’s wedding in May.


[The professor] has spent more than two decades as a pharmacist in Japan, Missouri and elsewhere, and has taught college students in Texas for more than a decade. She now teaches at Texas A&M while working as an ambulatory care pharmacy director at a free health clinic in Bryan.

She has helped bring millions of federal research dollars to the university, and last year Texas A&M’s pharmacy school named her the early career researcher of the year.