Monday, July 3, 2023

Was my post deleted because Google is using a new moderation service for Blogger?

It instantly auto-deleted the post about the new Gundam Witch figure preorder, and I can't imagine which words or images in the post would have triggered such action, and have had only a handful of posts deleted in the history of the blog (mostly some very old posts a few months ago when a particular artist was pretty clearly trying to get old art deleted from the web to avoid AI scraping).

Anyway, a new Suletta figure is up for preorder, lots of facial expressions and accessories.

*Update: I clicked the link in Blogger to challenge the deletion, and it was very quickly republished...

Is it possible Suletta's crying face expression was auto-flagged as something else by AI image detection? I guess I'll leave that image up for a little while in case you're interested, and then delete it and maybe the entire post to be safe. But just speculating, since the speed at which it was deleted (and vague mention about the reason for deletion) indicates it was auto-detection, and very quick (but not instantaneous) reinstatement indicates human involvement.