Saturday, July 15, 2023

"Smithsonian abruptly cancels Asian American literary festival"...because of "Smithsonian Directive 603"?

More to come I assume, because right now it's specific assertions by frustrated participants, and vague responses from the museum. The subhead:

In a move that stunned the institution’s event partners and writers who value its sense of community, the program was canceled just weeks before it was to take place in August

The article says: 

In a follow-up, [the Smithsonian’s chief spokesperson] wrote: “Simply put, the program was cancelled a full month in advance. The program was still in a development stage and we made an administrative decision to cancel rather than present a festival that did not meet Smithsonian standards. No publicity had been done and participants were notified immediately.

But there is no mention of cancellation that I saw. Instead, it's promoted on Facebook and Instagram: