Thursday, July 13, 2023

The guy betting on an Alabama baseball game with insider info was comically indiscreet


[He] wanted to bet more than $100,000 on a college baseball game that night: Alabama at No. 1 LSU. The game had gotten virtually no gambling traffic, and [his] desired bets on the Tigers far exceeded the sportsbook’s established house limit on college baseball.


Fueled by hubris and, perhaps, desperation, [he]– an obscure youth-league coach from Mooresville, Ind., with a penchant for networking in recruiting circles—stood at the window and pleaded his case for making the huge wager to the book’s staff, the sources say. He indicated that he had inside information on the game—and he did, in the palm of his hand.

[He] was texting with [an] Alabama baseball coach ... via the encrypted messaging app Signal while at the betting window, attempting to place the wager, the sources say. His texting was indiscreet, to the point that the book’s video surveillance cameras were able to zoom in on the details of [their] text exchange, making [the coach]'s name visible later in screenshots.