Saturday, May 18, 2024

"The firm run by a man dubbed 'Britain's kindest plumber' faked stories of helping people as it raised millions in donations"


[He] has received letters of thanks from the late Queen and the King and a Pride of Manchester award. He has been a guest on Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, The One Show, Sky News and the Russell Howard Show


[In one example, he] prevented one elderly woman from killing herself, the firm claimed. In fact, she had died years earlier.

He denied some of the BBC's allegations but admitted: "I've made mistakes."


The story of how Facebook became engulfed in Christian content can be told through the rise of one site, 


According to our data, provided by Newswhip’s real-time Facebook analytics, the vacuum of news content Meta created last year was quickly filled by religious content, or even just content that provoked vaguely religious reactions from users. 


As for why Catholic Fundamentalism is now Facebook’s top “news” site, it posts the exact kind of content that the platform’s news feed has been tailored to promote: blandly positive, removed from any news or current events, and arriving on a frequent and regular schedule.