Thursday, September 24, 2015

Link roundup

1. "My church now claims a former pastor no longer existed?!"

2. Simogo's seemingly-simple new puzzle game may be bursting with secrets:

So what our forums have discovered thus far... You can shake the screen to change the color randomly going through a cycle. You can flip the screen upside down to invert the black and white, or the main color and the background/gap color. While going through the tutorial, if you wait a minute or two on each of the 5 pages, you'll get a secret message alluding to some kind of story and including references to the developer's home city. If you hold the play button on the main screen, you play a secondary gravity based mini-game about balancing a ball on a see-saw. Apparently there's a way to change the title screen in reference to one of the secret messages, and I don't even know how. Who knows what else will be found?
3. The iCar:
this is basically the worst-kept secret in Silicon Valley. There are more people working on this project than almost every startup out here.
4. Cute Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Xmas and Marvel character keychain figurines (including Falcon Captain America) available preorder.