Saturday, December 12, 2015

Link roundup

1. New sculpture by Ben Young.

2. FT on a decline in the art market:
the Senate Finance Committee is looking hard at a number of private museums and questioning their tax-exempt status. Among those who have received letters querying their “benefit to the public” are collector and investor Peter Brant, whose “Art Study Centre” is on his Connecticut estate, and businessman Mitchell Rales, whose private museum Glenstone is in Maryland. Lots of costs are tax-deductible for owners of these foundations: not only the value of the art but anything they donate as well as the expenses of storing and looking after the art.
3. Superior Foes of Spider-Man artist Steve Lieber is having a fundraiser sale at Etsy, including original art and trade paperbacks with bonus sketches. (I ordered one yesterday and it shipped today.)