Monday, December 7, 2015

"Meet the Artist Behind the Animorphs Covers "

The first three Animorphs books were done by another artist, but Scholastic wasn't happy with that artwork. They knew that they wanted someone to do morphing, so Dave called me up and he said, "We heard that you knew how to do morphing." I'd actually never done any morphing at all,


Actually, I'll give you some insight into that: In a lot of cases, the publishing companies don't want the illustrator to contact the author. Because, a lot of times, an author has a very distinct idea of what they want for the cover, and [as an artist], you can be put in a bind where you've developed a relationship with the author, and you like them, and then they [tell you], "I want this on the cover," but the publisher does not want that on the cover. I just don't want to be put in the middle.


I've never been known as a "beautiful woman" artist—listen, if you can paint a beautiful, busty woman, you're going to stay employed for the rest of your life.